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Why Get Winter Work Boots?

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Shoveling snow in winter work boots

We’ve talked about how to choose the right work boot for your job needs , but did you know that if you work outdoors, you should have a pair of winter work boots in addition to your regular work boots? It’s true. Winter work boots are to your feet what snow tires are for your car – they help you stay safe in icy and cold conditions. The top three reasons to get a pair of winter work boots in addition to your regular work boots are warmth, traction, and to extend the life of your other footwear.


One of the biggest advantages to getting winter work boots is that they are made to withstand the temperatures that Canada gets in the winter. This means that if you’re working outside, you don’t have to stop working and go inside to warm up every hour. There are many options including: 3M® ThinsulateTM insulation which is warm enough to withstand even the coldest days, but thin enough so that the boots aren’t overly bulky; neoprene or polyurethane outer components that are water resistant and keep warmth from escaping; and the Felt pac insulation system that keeps rubber boots warm and comfortable for work in slushy conditions.


Simply put, slipping isn’t safe. You need boots that will keep you upright on the job site. Winter work boots have treads that have been tested and are proven to prevent slipping on icy surfaces. For added traction, some boots like the SnowJack Pro have interchangeable outsoles so that you’re ready for any winter condition.

Extend the Life of Your Regular Work Boots

Wearing regular work boots in the snow and ice can damage the leather and shorten the lifespan of your boots. Salt eats away at the material and leaves ugly stains on it. Winter work boots are made to withstand harsh winter conditions while keeping you warm and dry.

Winter work boots provide extra warmth and traction while protecting your regular work boots from the hazards of winter wear and tear. Why suffer through another season of cold, wet feet when you could be cozy and dry with a pair of winter work boots?

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