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CSA International

The Canadian Standards Association tests products for compliance to national and international standards. Certification marks provided by CSA indicate to customers and regulators that the product has been evaluated through extensive testing, examination and inspection. That it complies with set standards for safety and performance.

CSA Certified Footwear Markings

The National Standard of Canada deals with protective footwear and includes requirements for resistance against toe impact, sole puncture, electric shock, chainsaws, as well as requirements for static discharge and electrical conductivity.

Canadian Centre for Occupational Health And Safety

The CCOHS promotes workplace safety in Canada through the free distribution of information and services such as newsletters, training and education. As a not for profit federal body, the CCOHS aims to be an impartial, balanced body for the propagation of information on workplace and worker safety.

CCOHS High Visibility Guidelines

Requirements for high-visibility safety clothing for Canadian workers.



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