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The Yellow Rectangle

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Or What’s With Static-Dissipative Shoes Anyway?

If you work in manufacturing of electronic products, your protective footwear needs are very different from someone who works in a trade such as construction. If you’ve ever received a shock from walking across a carpet, or getting out of your car in the winter, you know that your body is a good conductor of electricity. When working with electronics, this can be dangerous – the electrical charge is enough to damage both the parts and the equipment. Static Dissipative Footwear symbol or Yellow RectangleEnter static-dissipative footwear. Static-dissipative shoes allow the electricity in your body to flow between you and the ground and also provide a measure of electrical insulation. The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) warns that static-dissipative shoes should NOT be worn in environments where contact with live electrical conductors can occur as they will not provide protection from electrical shock.

Static electricityStatic-dissipative footwear comes in either composite or metal toe with sole protection, or toe protection-only varieties. Depending on your work environment, you may not need a puncture-resistant sole. These shoes have a blue CSA rectangle instead of the green triangle. If there’s a puncture risk in your workplace, you will need to look for both the yellow rectangle and the green triangle symbols on the shoes.

Fortunately, the market for static-dissipative shoes is increasing and the selection of shoes that meet the conductivity requirements needed to get the yellow rectangle certification is growing rapidly. At Work Authority, we have over two dozen different styles of static-dissipative shoes to choose from in men’s styles, and twenty different static-dissipative shoe styles for women, so come in to a store, or check online and find the perfect pair for you.

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