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How to Take Care of the Footwear that Takes Care of You

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How to take care of safety footwear

Safety footwear can take a beating on the job. We’ve previously written about signs that you should be replacing your safety footwear, but how do you extend the life of the footwear you already own? The answer is to take care of it properly right from the beginning. If you work outdoors, the elements can wreak havoc on the materials in your safety footwear. Salt, especially, is such a nuisance that we devoted an entire post to preventing and treating salt stains. By protecting and cleaning your safety footwear regularly, you can extend the life of your shoes and in turn, help them take care of your feet.


It goes without saying, but you can’t inspect what you can’t see. If there are nicks or punctures in your safety footwear, you need to replace them. However, if the boot or shoe is caked in dirt, you will not be able to see the damage and could be wearing safety footwear that is unable to properly do its job. For leather boots, you should use leather cleaner to remove dirt and mink oil to condition and protect the leather. For suede boots, a rubber bristled suede brush will remove surface dirt without damaging the fabric. Never use polish on suede boots.


All leather and suede footwear should be waterproofed once every two to three months – depending on use and conditions. If the boots you bought were rated as waterproof, then you don’t need to spray them at first, but make sure to spray them at regular intervals afterwards to keep up the waterproofing. Even man-made Multi-thotic insolematerials can benefit from regular waterproofing. Follow the directions on the spray carefully and you can add months to the life of your footwear.


Using aftermarket insoles in your boots not only increases the comfort but can increase the lifespan of your safety footwear as well. For those looking for arch support, the Multi-thotic insoles give a variety of arch supports in one convenient package.

By taking a little time to clean and waterproof your safety footwear, and by using aftermarket insoles, you can extend the life of your footwear and save some money too.

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