Does Colour Matter in Safety Footwear?

One of the questions our sales associates in footwear hear frequently is “do they come in other colours?” which is a tough question to answer. The answer is not cut and dry – most styles of safety footwear are available in only one colour, but you can find safety footwear in different colours by looking at different styles. The colour of the footwear itself has nothing to do with whether or not the shoe or boot is safety rated – they could be neon orange and still safety rated or tan and not CSA approved. The colour that matters in safety footwear is on the tag – it’s those symbols that tell you that your footwear is CSA approved. If you want to learn more about safety symbols found on our footwear and work apparel check out our guide here.

When it comes to safety footwear for men, the standard colours are black, tan, and brown. Boots tend not to vary from these 3 colours, but some safety shoes do. The running shoe style safety shoes such as the Timberland Powertrain come in colourful styles while still providing electrical shock, sole puncture, and steel toe protection. There are other running shoe style safety shoes that have a black or grey upper but a non-marking coloured sole. Of course if you’re looking for high visibility safety footwear, the bright orange Viking Timberwolf boots fit the bill nicely.

Viking Timberwolf

Women’s safety boots, on the other hand, come in many colours. In addition to the traditional black, tan, and brown, we carry women’s safety boots in pink, red, and blue. Women’s safety running shoe style shoes also come in a number of colours – either as accents to a more traditional coloured shoe, or as the main colour of the shoe itself, such as the Kodiak Meg.

Kodiak Meg

While the colour of the safety footwear doesn’t have anything to do with its effectiveness (other than the aforementioned high visibility boots), it can make a difference in how you feel in your shoes. You’re going to be spending a lot of time in your work footwear, so pick one that you truly love.

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