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Model connolly

Safety Icon composite-plate

Composite plate safety shoes offer lightweight, metal-free puncture resistance.

Safety Icon metal-toe

Metal toe or steel toe safety shoes provide protection against impact and compression.

Safety Icon sole-and-toe-protection

The CSA Green Triangle indicates sole puncture protection with a Grade 1 Protective toe to withstand impacts up to 125 joules. Sole puncture protection is designed to withstand a force of not less than 1200 Newtons.

Safety Icon static-dissipative

The CSA Yellow rectangle with a green “SD” and grounding symbol indicates soles are static-dissipative. The outer soles are made from an antistatic compound, capable of dissipating an electrostatic charge in a controlled manner. The test criteria are 106 to 108 Ohms. Note that SD footwear without toe protection will not have sole protection certified by CSA.


These super light athletics will keep your feet protected and supported all day long, with breathable microtech athletic upper and slip resistant outsole.

  • Breathable microtech athletic upper
  • Slip resistant TPU outsole
  • SANY-DRY breathable antibacterial moisture wicking lining
  • Polyurethane comfort footbed and midsole
  • Static dissipating


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