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Staying Dry When the Weather’s Wet

Posted by Agency3 Incorporated Collaborator on

Spring is nearly upon us, which means it’s time to start thinking about putting away the warm winter gear and getting into gear that can keep you dry even during a downpour. When you work outside you need gear that can withstand every type of weather, and in Canada – especially in the spring - that means rain and wind. It’s very hard to be productive when you’re cold and wet, and getting a chill could lead to illness, which can lead to days off of work – so staying dry is very important for any employee who works outside...

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Winter Outerwear that Works

Posted by Katherine Burlock on

We’ve written before about ways to stay warm when working outside in winter , and about the importance of good winter work boots and gloves . Now it’s time to add the next piece of the winter work wear puzzle – outerwear. While waterproof and insulated coveralls are the best option to keep your legs warm, there’s no question that a good work coat will help keep you warm and dry on even the coldest day. Just as you don’t wear your everyday snow boots to work outside in, you shouldn’t wear your everyday winter jacket as a work jacket....

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